Our Candy Bouquet Selection

Custom Bouquets

You can choose from our regular range of hand crafted bouquets (below), or pick and mix the chocolates, sweets and designs to create that perfect gift.

If you want really want a gift that's completely different then we'll do our utmost to obtain your chosen confectionaries and customise a bouquet or bouquets to your exact requirements.

Please contact us with your request and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Regular Bouquets

Boxed Chocolate and Sweetie Bouquets

Boxed Style Bouquets

Introducing our new range of hand-crafted, elegant boxed style bouquets.

Four different varieties to choose from in a selection of colours.

pricing from £14.99

posey style chocolate bouquet

Traditional Style Bouquets

A range of hand-crafted chocolate bouquets made in a traditional flower bouquet/posey style!

Four different chocolate varieties to choose from in a selection of colours.

pricing from £12

chocolate bouquet

Gorgeous Chocolate Bouquets

Finest chocolate gifts and great designs.

A great gift and a wonderful celebration centre piece for any occasion.

pricing from £12

Sweeie Bouquets

Sumptuous Sweetie Bouquets

Bright and exciting gifts with oodles of taste.

If you like sweets then you'll love these taste explosion bouquets!

pricing from £14.99

Candy and Chocolate Gifts for Everyone

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