Box Style Bouquets

More amazing Chocolates and Sweeties, now packaged up in our new and exciting box style bouquets.
Bouquets also make fantastic decorations for any celebration, especially Christmas!

Haribo & Choc Selection

Haribo Sweets plus Oodles of Chocs!

Haribo gummy and foamy shapes, fruity chews AND fun bags of chocolate treats.

By popular demand, one of our best selling bouquets, in a box style

from £19.95


Chocolate Mountain Bouquet

A Gorgeous Mountain of Chocs!

A paradise of chocolates

Too many types to mention...

from £21.95


Retro Explosion Bouquet

Retro Sweeties Crammed in our new Box Style Bouquet!

Retro Sweeties

Too many types to mention...

from £19.95


Haribo Mix Bouquet

A Haribo Fest!

Mixed Haribo Bags

This Funtastic Bouquet contains twenty mixed bags of Haribo gummy treats!

from £13.99



"Small choc, large choc... Chocolate box!"

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